Why work for us?


We offer vast opportunity.
With nearly 900 employees and over 20 different business units, Pilot Media offer vast opportunities in the the Newsroom, Advertising Sales, Management, Design, Digital Media, Circulation, Production, Support Operations, and Information Technology.

Your unique talents are appreciated and valued.
We’re known for the personal interest we take in employees, including individualized Partners-In-Performance Plans, extensive training, career development, and recognition programs.

We get results.
We've been doing business in Hampton Roads since 1865, and continue to be a strong, financially-secure corporation with local owners. Our goal is to be the #1 provider of information, entertainment, and advertising in Hampton Roads. Looking ahead, we believe being a "Media Enterprise" positions us well for the future.

Take pride in your work, knowing it's making a difference in the community.
Our award winning products help make this a better community. We appreciate the fact that hundreds of thousands read our products every day. Our valued advertising products help businesses grow, and boost the local economy.

Join us as we help shape the future of media in Hampton Roads.
We have a long history of introducing innovative products well ahead of our industry. Pilotonline.com and the Virginia Beach Beacon, are just a few of the products that were the first, or among the first, to be introduced in the media industry.